Situated in the East of Austria just on the border of Hungary, we find this very particular estate. Not just a vineyard, their are orchards and cattle as well as grain. This is a fully functioning Biodynamic farm and has been certified since 2003, not an easy thing to do with 50 hectares. We though are not focusing on the Austrian wines but what Werner and Angela are doing on the other side of the border.

On the beautiful, extinct volcano of Somló, they have managed to obtain a small 3 hectare parcel of Olasz Rizling, Harslevelu and the indigenous variety of the hill, Jurfarhk. It was no easy task buying the land as Somló is one of the smallest wine making regions in Hungary and land is very rarely sold but for Meinklang it was an obsession to obtain the land here. Before the first world war, what is now called the Burgeland was part of the romantically termed 'Old Hungary'. This was where the Michlets family had their land. When the country lines were redrawn, they ended up mostly in what is Austria today.

Not forgetting their heritage even today, they run a steiner school on the borders that teaches Hungarian to the local children. Not only do they help their land improve with their farming expertise but they also believe in bringing the two nations a little closer. Truly exceptional people.