Weingut Leiner

It can hardly be denied that Germany is becoming one of the most exciting countries in Europe currently for evolution in wine. Though Sven’s story is not a part of the new wave renaissance. He took over from his father Jürgen in 2000. The winery mainly sold fruit, even though the core vineyards were set on some of the highest parts of the Pfalz.
Apart from three stages at neighbouring producers, including Koehler Ruprecht, Sven had no background in winemaking but due to his father struggling at that time due to health reasons, he came on board.
This difficult and strange situation also gave Sven the ability to dictate the future of the estate from the start. So Organics began, natural fermentations, evolving into Demeter certified Biodynamics in the last few years. Site selection for varieties became more of a process than a random choice. A huge financial gamble for someone so young and with such little experience. The more time that Sven spent in the vineyards the better idea he had of which parts were better for what varieties. The wines today do try show the gamble has paid off.