Vignaioli Contra Soarda

Born and bred in Bassano del Grappa, Mirco Gottardi dismissed grappa and the indigenous Torcolato to find other use for the Vespaiolo grape.

Selling their family 'Osteria' for a 10-hectare plot of scrubland was an unusual decision at best. Remarkably, Mirco knew that volcanic rock under the land would add mineralogy and complexity to wine.

From this point of inspiration the hillside was excavated to create Contra Soarda, 'Hamlet on the slope'. A combination of indigenous and imported varieties were planted which now produce dry, organic wines of an exemplary and inspirational quality.

Vespaiolo 2013

When picked, this often-overlooked grape is fermented in stainless steel tanks, temperature controlled for 60 days. Released the following March the wine is bright, vibrant and remarkably accessible when young. Full of rich fruit and even potentially a touch of residual sugar, with age it matures much like a Riesling.

Vignasilan 2011

Given the widespread popularity of the Vespaiolo it is an unusual decision to retain bottles. However, Mirco, recognising that wine benefits from time retained a parcel for later release. Fermented in the same way this is unfined wine with an additional two years in the cellar prior to release.