With Tim (as with the heritage of our shop) it all started with Oddbins, which is where he discovered a passion for wine. To that rich experience he added a spontaneous trip to Italy, a last minute decision to take up work experience and quickly becoming an assistant winemaker at Riecine, despite no spoken Italian and little winemaking experience. With that kind of skill we couldn't resist working with him.

'Vinochisti,', anarchy by any other definition, is indicative of Tim's choices to challenge modern Italian winemaking norms. In reality this means focusing on a resuscitation of native varietals. Like Tim these wines have a wonderful spontaneity, sourcing varieties simply because he likes them. Grapes collected from various locations are then taken to his winery in Panzano where he focuses on creating small batches of wine using old wood and cement vats for ageing.

E3 Erbaluce 2011

The third vintage at Tim's hand, this like all of his wine varies slightly from year to year. Here, the introduction of small concrete tanks alongside existing old wood barrels has created opportunity for variation in blending. As a result there's far greater texture than its predecessor, with a fine acidity. With time, the nose develops a complex spice aroma of cardamom, making this an exciting, diverse expression of this little known varietal.