Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany 
Susanna Soderi 
Organic viticulture 
4ha. under vine 
18,000 bottles produced per year 

Born and raised in Venezuela, Susanna was drawn back to her father’s homeland, a hamlet just outside Castellina in Chianti, inheriting the family’s 880 olive trees and almost 4 hectares of vineyards. Although the Soderi family have been cultivating the area since the beginning of the 19th Century, until relatively recently the grapes were all being sold to the local winemakers. Susanna began a new project, using the income from the family’s agriturismo and olive oil, to plant vines and to build a modern winery. Setriolo’s first vineyards were planted in 1999 (with more following in 2005) on south east-facing slopes of marl, chalk and sandy soils with traces of clay, 250 to 350 metres above sea level. 2005 was the estate’s maiden vintage made solely from their own fruit, and organic certification for all the family’s products was obtained in 2013.