Stephanie Chevreux and Julien Bournazel

Hameau de Launey , Vallée de la Marne, Champagne
Stephanie Chevreux and Julien Bournazel
0.9ha. under vine
Biodynamic viticulture and others.

It always surprises me how some people seem to find time. Although the 0.9 hectares over three parcels that Stephanie and Julien farm does not sound like a large amount of land, it is not their full time job. For some years now they have had their own business as viticultural contractors throughout Champagne. This stretches from day to day management for some of the larger producers around them, to spending a month each harvest around Les Riceys picking.

Their love of Champagne was late blossoming. When working in the vineyards, many of their employers would gift them a bottle of Champagne after harvest. Sadly, it was usually the lesser quality wines and the taste and high acid was not for them. Fortunately they were also often given Ratafia, which they did enjoy. This led them on a slightly obsessive drive to create their own Ratafia, starting with a purchase of a strip of land in Barzy. Even then they knew how they wished to farm, Biodynamics and the use of permaculture where possible. Like Olivier and Marie they also take on six rows of vines on each side of their rows, to guarantee that the neighbours are not spraying close to their vines.

Over time, they then were able to taste a few of the more well known, producers from the grower Champagne movement. In particular those who work in a slightly more oxidative way. Experiments started with success. Two more parcels were added Connigis and just last year Chery.
All the wines are in barrel around 9 months in the cellar, which has no temperature control, so malolactic is a given. Battonage is in line with the lunar calendar.