Sean O’Callaghan

Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany 
Sean O’Callghan 
0ha. under vine 

Sean, originally from Somerset, moved to Gaiole in Chianti in 1991 after studying winemaking in Germany. He was head winemaker at the renowned estate Riecine for 25 years, leaving in 2016 after a turbulent few years at the winery following its coming under new ownership. 

Though not a native, Sean has an unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of the local terroir and microclimates, and a unique affinity with the Sangiovese grape. He is in the early stages of building himself a new winery with which to initially make wines from purchased grapes, albeit from vineyards to which he is the viticultural consultant. Sean’s first wine is made from grapes grown and harvested while still at Riecine, with the winemaking process beginning in one of Riecine’s Nomblot tanks. ‘Il Guercio’, meaning ‘one-eyed rascal’ refers to the fact that Sean was born blind in his right eye, which he credits with giving him a unique perspective on winemaking, and on life in general.