Our friendship with Riecine began in 2001 when 'Winemakers Club John' worked in the build up to vintage. There in Gaiole, Sean had gathered a collection of young and exciting winemakers to learn and compare notes, including Tim Manning and Tom Shobbrook. In the seven years that followed, late nights and the emptying of many Italian wine bottles provided a suitable education process.

Riecine, a Chianti estate, has a strong heritage of over 600 years. Bought as a retirement hobby project in the 1970s it became a passionate advancement of regional wines. When Sean arrived in 1991 his goal became the purest expression of the Sangiovese grape possible. It is a ongoing journey for him that is never fully realised.

Perhaps the truest testament to this vineyard comes from the late, great Giulio Gambelli, when asked if he thought the Riecine wines were on the right track he responded, "Sean, you are the master", we think so too.

Chianti Classico 2012

Sean has recently realised his dream of installing Nomblot concrete tanks, now used for fermentation. This brings additional fullness and an incredible blend to this Chianti Classico, which like all of his wine is a reflection of the region. A classic in the truest sense.

Twenty years in the dreaming, planning and making, this is a Sangiovese of significance. The Riecine is predominantly a selection of the best fruit from the oldest vineyard. Spending over two and a half years in barrel, young this is approachable but with age, magnificent.