Hungary's history of wine production goes back centuries. It can be said with complete certainty that if the 20th century had gone a slightly different way, we would be drinking and far more knowledgeable about this country. One such example is Posta Borhaz. It was a regular occurrence for the communist state to seize the land of farmers who had a larger holding then others and redistribute. This happened to this family in Szeksard during the 70's. So from grape growers and wine makers they went back to having nothing and as with tokaji much of their skills and learning got lost.

After 89 the Cinka family were able to find a parcel of land with a winery and press to start where their forefathers had left of and with this we have Posta Borhaz. From this one plot they have now acquired 10 hectares of land in Szecksárd around a 5km radius, mostly on the hilltops. With time they are converting to Biodynaimcs. The slightly better altitude has a distinct effect on the wines, which all offer a great deal of freshness for some varieties that in other zones of Hungary can be a little bit large for our liking.