Pablo Soldavini

Ribeira Sacra, Spain
Pablo Soldavini
2ha. under vine
Organic viticulture

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Pablo back to our portfolio. You may remember him from when we listed Saiñas. With that relationship coming to an un-amicable ending, we have waited two years for the release of his first wines.
Pablo is now farming small parcels around his village and vinifying between two cellars, each not much larger than a shed. This will be the way, while a new winery is being constructed in front of his home.
The vineyards are more in land and gently rolling, rather than the dramatic sheer slopes the region is famed for. This though, for Pablo, is a blessing. With the changes in temperature over the last years, many of these vineyards are too hot and too dry to produce the quality that Pablo is looking for.
Many will know him for his work with Fedellos do Couto, where he was the lead viticulturist.
Originally born in Argentina, him and his sister both decided to move back to where their father was born to achieve their different goals.
Winemaking is, as expected, hands off, using what vessels he has been able to acquire. Mostly steel or fibre glass but their are a few barrels used for when he deems the wines fit to age.
Those listed here are the result of two vintages and the total allocation for the UK this year is only 180 bottles. As the project grows, we hope to be able to offer more availability in the future.