Adega Saiñas

The re-emergence of Ribeira Sacra in recent years, in many ways mirrors the life of Pablo Soldavini.

Pablo’s family emigrated to Argentina in the 30’s, from Ribeira Sacra, to the south of Buenos Aires. Raised here, finally settling into a career in Graphic design questions always arose about his families past and the land they once farmed. A growing passion for wine, also helped.

In 2000 Pablo took the decision to leave Argentina and head to Galicia and his desire to be close to the land led to the relatively unknown wine industry. Though like many of us know sometimes our romantic ideals outweigh the reality.

Starting out the only readily available jobs were in the more commercial side of production, with constant and ignorant use of pesticides and herbicides he found his understanding and ideology strained. Fortunately his cousins were able to find him work among groups of smaller producers. He attributes much of his knowledge from this time, working simply in the vineyards. It also helped lead him to be one of the co-founders of the now famed Fedellos do Couto project and strong friendships with Alfonso Torrento of Envíate and Pedro Rodríguez of Guimaro. So was the start.