Podere Sottoilnoce

Growing up the son of a Doctor in Milan, Max Brondolo followed a relatively conventional life, working in industry for American and British companies. Yet his grandparents on both sides were from farming backgrounds. One side in Piedmont the other in Emilia- Romagna. This connection was always evident to him. So he stayed connected through the best way possible, drinking wine.

Eventually this passion took over completely and he asked the question many of us ask ourselves. What if he made wine, what sort of wine would it be. Max already knew that Biodynamic viticulture was his direction, so he first studied. Then it was about the place. His wife is from Modena, so the surrounding hills made sense for his family. Finding and managing to purchase 11 hectares, 6.5 under vine the rest is forests, lakes and wild flowers for his bees. Being in Modena it make perfect sense that the wines should reflect the region.

The following 5 years have seen constant experimentation with vinification in ceramics, steel and glass. All the varieties used are of the region and some very nearly extinct. These are elegant and very fine wines.