Feudo dei Sanseverino

As much as today we all think that we know Italy well and that all areas are easily accessible. Calabria is still very much an unknown quantity. A fabulous zone, with a personal food style and wines to match. Not all towns though are on the motorway and although only 60 miles from the more renown area of Ciro, it takes two hours on the steep curvy roads to get to this beautiful hilltop town, Saracena. It was here we met with Maurizio. A native of this ancient town, one of the very few still living there. Although he spent a large portion of his life in Milan, in the lat 90's he and his employer went their separate ways and for Mau, Calabria called.

On arriving back, he decided to buy some land around the town of Saracena. Here he planted only varieties that were from that zone. Though from the onset he did this slightly differently, he selected cuttings from 90 year old local vines and then planted the vines on their original rootstock. This is possible in surprisingly large amounts of areas in Campania and Calabria, due the many volcanic eruptions that have littered their history. He also decided to farm Biodynamically from the outset.

His winery is in the town, seemingly hidden somewhere in the maze like streets. Here you can sit and taste through his collection of wines in a truly peaceful and contemplative surroundings. As a mark of thanks, he keeps in a decanter on the shelf a sweet wine that he refuses to sell. It is only given to those who have made the pilgrimage to this stunning area, a true vino da meditazione.