Bott Pince

Bott Pince
Tokaj, Hungary
Judit & Jószef Bodó
7ha. under vine
Biodynamic Viticulture

Bodo family wine is steeped in the history of Hungary. Like many before them Judit and Józef's families moved to Slovakia after the First World War and had every intention of staying there. Judit's winemaking work took them back to Tokaji, Hungary and that is where their love affair with the region began. Whilst Judit was making wine for another company, Józef was searching for Vineyards; they now have 5 hectares of their own. As so often with the less trodden path, lack of capital investment has reaped the benefit of particular care and attention, producing beautiful wines spontaneously fermented in old barrels.


A single vineyard wine, the grapes are taken from 70 year old grapes, predominantly Ferment but also 20% Harselvelu. The consequence of time and erosion vines dig deep into the volcanic soil to gather nutrients. The vineyard is passed through twice for that perfect balance of acidity and fruit. A stunning, elegant and floral wine with a a strong mineral thread.