Domaine des Hauts-Baigneux & Les Tètes

Azay-le-Rideau, Touraine, Loire

Nicolas Grosbois & Philippe Mesnier

12ha. under vine
Organic viticulture

In 2012 Nicolas and Philippe, childhood friends, purchased the Hauts-Baigneux vineyards in Azay-le-Rideau, just east of the much more renown Chinon. Inspired by stories from some older locals of how fine the Chenin was here before the second world war, due to its mixture of soils, particularly the wealth of flint. At the time of purchasing the vines the region was most famous for Gamay- and Grolleau-based wines.
In the winery fermentation is made in concrete tanks and open submersed concrete vats. From there the wines move into steel, fibreglass or oak depending on the cuvée.
Being in the Loire though, every vintage can be a challenge, 70% was lost in 2017. So to supplement they have their negoce label Les Tete. Made from fruit sourced outside the domain itself, Nicolas, Philippe, Baptiste and Vivien (University friends), work with vigneron who follow the same mentality, such at Domaine Plageoles. These are meant to be and are, very high quality every day wine.

Domaine des Hauts-Baigneux


Sauvignon Blanc 2018
Sauvignon Blanc

First vintage for this young vines. Stainless still only.


Les Pentes 2018
Cabernet franc, Grolleau

25 years old vines on clay soil. Fermentation in concrete tanks. Aged 1 year in stainless steel tanks.

Grolleau 2018

Grolleau were is originally from. limestone and silex terroir at 400 meters above sea level. Single vineyard. Stsinless steel only.

Les Tetes


Tète Blanche NV
Sauvignon & Chenin from Loire Valley
Chardonnay & Roussane from Rhône Valley

Fermentation and ageing in concrete tanks. Sand and clay/limestone soil.


Tète Red NV
50% Cabernet franc / Grolleau from Loire Valley
50% Merlot/ Braucol from Gaillac

Fermentation and ageing in concrete tanks. Sand and clay/limestone soil.

Bourgueil ‘Les Marquises’ 2015
Cabernet franc

Fermented in steel, aged in used oak.