giovanni Montisci

giovanni Montisci
5 ha. under vine

Organic farming

For many, Sardinia is synonymous with the variety Cannonau. If this is the grape of the Island ,than Mamoiada is its Grand Cru. Vineyards up to 650m in altitude planted on sandy decomposing granite.

The village flows into the vineyards, with Giovannis situated just above his house. Relatively new to commercial winemaking, before 2004 he was a mechanic just making Sfuzo, he has now become the foremost ambassador of the region. His wines are found throughout the enotecas of Italy for good reason, their purity and true expression of this town.

All the wines are vino di tavola, so there can be no interference from the local bureaucrats. In the vineyard selection is meticulous, making production incredibly low. The winery is minimal and although the oak is in various sizes, they are all as neutral as they can be. Unfined, unfiltered with a little addition of Sulphur. Truly powerful, yet beautifully structured wines, knocking on the door to greatness.