If you head North of Garda, you enter the valley of lakes. A little known but incredibly beautiful range of ever decreasing lakes and rising hills. Right at the top, after entering Trentino, we find this 5 hectare family estate.

The Pedrotti family are as modest as their surroundings. Even though they have been making wine in this region for generations, they are still a little known producer. Even though they have been farming biodynamically for years, they never tell anyone about it. In fact a more humble and genteel group of people you could not imagine meeting.

Although they do have french varietals such as Chardonnay and Cabenet franc planted, it for us is really their indigenous wines that are lovely expressions of this valley. For the dry wines Nosiola, Schiava Nera and the little known crossing Rebo. For the sweet, their legendary Vino Santo, made form the Nosiola grape.

The winery is a mix of steel and old barrels, nothing to deter from the character of the variety.