Karner Gabor

Considered by some to be an emerging wine market, Hungary is actually steeped in winemaking tradition, Tokaji is often cited but the lesser-known Matra carries the hallmarks of history. It was this incredibly beautiful place, surrounded by a national reserve park that Gabor selected for his vineyards. Predominantly the Kekfrankos grape, Gabor also has a small amount of Olasz Rizling (translated as Italian Riesling), which he has separated out into crus for greater purity of flavour. These vibrant wines move from the sour cherry fruit of youth to the truly remarkable flavours of maturity. A stunning flavour ambassador for this region.

Kicsi Rizling 2013

Kicsi (meaning small in Hungarian) reflects its name as a tiny proportion of Gabor's vineyard. Don't be fooled by the name Olaszrizling though, sounding like a Riesling counterpart it's otherwise referred to as Welschriesling, meaning 'romantic riesling'. It has less of the citrus flavour you might expect from the Rhine and instead shows floral aromas complimented with an oily texture. A perfect pairing for Asian cuisine.

Birtokbor 'Szucsi' Kekfrankos

The rough translation of Birtokbor is 'wine of the land' and denotes an entry level wine in Hungary. Because this is the only Kekfrankos now focused on cru, it is the purest expression of the youth of the grape. Limited to only 1000 bottles it combines incredible sour fruits with a soft and elegant mouth feel. Remarkable for an 'entry level wine' Gabor demonstrates why quality Kekfrankos can possess the same complexity as a Pinot Noir.

Vitozfold Kefrankos

True single vineyard selection, this is the finest of Gabor's Kekfrankos. Having spent time in older wooden barrels there is a greater finesse and a focused, mature fruit character. Medium bodied in style this is a wine of great elegance and complexity.