Kárner Gabor

Matra is a volcanic mineral-rich mountainous area in Northern Hungary between Budapest and Eger. The Hungarians refer to as the mountains. 2 hectares of Kékfrankos and less than half a hectare of Olaszrizling, all farmed organically and by hand by Gabor and his daughter Fanny.
Despite his small amount of land, Gabor selects incredibly rigorously in the vineyards, yielding only half a kilo of fruit per vine.
In the winery a basket press that is hand operated and fermentation is generally in fibre glass and steel tanks, moved to old oak barrels.
The cellar which is based just outside Szúcsi, when Gabor needed a little more space for the barrels he extended through the the volcanic soil by his own hand, like the winery, without the use of machinery.
Sadly with the all wines in Hungary needing to be passed by a tasting council, whose tastes may be a little towards the more obvious styles. Gabor is one of the many producers who for the last few vintages has been unable to legally sell his wines. Things seem to be slowly changing and we have a small quantity of wine awaiting shipment. Which we look forward to sharing with everyone, very shortly.