Domaine des Marnes Blanche

Saint-Agnés, Côtes du Jura 
Pauline & Geraud Fromont 
10ha. under vine 
Organic viticulture 

Pauline & Geraud, both native Jurassi, began Domaine des Marnes Blanches in 2006. Organic from the outset, these 10 hectares boast vines of up to 100 years old, growing on the white marl soil for which the Domaine is named. Parcels of white grapes are vinified separately, a practice more common in Burgundy than the Jura, and red wine production is tiny, just one tonneau of each variety. All vineyard work is done by hand, and fermentation is spontaneous with minimal use of sulphur. The Domaine has two cellars, one dedicated to ouillé (topped-up) wines and one to those made sous voile.