We are fortunate to work with people who's life passion is to re-cultivate the land of their heritage. Such is the case with L'Acino. A project of three friends who realised that the beauty and brilliance of Calabria was not really being represented in Italy, let alone the world stage.

In a stroke of luck they heard of a vineyard owned by a widower, whose husband had sadly passed away twenty years prior. This vineyard had been untouched since then, no pesticides or herbicides used. It also was in a serious state of disrepair. Taking two years of back breaking work to bring it back to life, the group decided that Biodynamic methods suited their land best. This vineyard was Chora.

Since then they have taken on a few other vineyard spots, including an 80 year old grinch plot and have just planted an additional three hectares of vines on original root stock but 15 minutes from the original Chora vineyard.