Fattorie Romeo del Castello

We first tasted Chiara's wines around three years ago and were immediately taken back by the purity of them. She may have 13 hectares but only makes 10,000 bottles a year, preferring to sell the remaining fruit to a larger producer, who in exchange lets her use their winery. She also has rare orchards and bees to keep the land as self sufficient as is possible.

The family has been in the region of Allegracore for a long time. The house is testament to this, with wallpaper dating way over 100 years covering each room, these have become the influence for her labels. In many we are fortunate to have these wines being created now. In the early 80's their was a volcanic eruption on the north face of Etna, a not too odd occurrence. This though differed, as the eruption was far lower down than usual. Flowing not towards the village and to the farm. It started to consume the vineyards but for some unknown reason stopped and veered to the left, burning through the forest until reaching the river.

Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio make up the varieties here. The first wine the Allegracore, is a bright, purist style of Nerello. Really accentuating the quality of the grape variety. Why it is, in our view, one of the greats of Italy.