Etna, Sicily

Etna, Sicily

Allegracore, Etna, Sicily

Chiara Vigo

30,000 bottles produced per year
14ha. under vine

Organic viticulture

The Vigo family have lived in their house in Allegracore for over 100 years. They have 14 hectares of vines on these Volcanic slopes but sell most of the grapes to the large local producer Benanti, in return for use of a small corner of the winery each year with which to make their own wines. The family’s vineyards were very nearly destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1981. Fortunately, the lava flow changed course, veering left into the river, before too much damage could be done. Astonishingly, some of the vines that were seemingly destroyed have now begun to grow up through the layer of new rock. Each vintage of Allegracore has a bottle decorated with a different heirloom wallpaper from the rooms of the family’s beautiful home.
To increase the biodiversity in their vineyards, Orchards were planted in the early 60's of the local Etnan pear, from which a beautiful Eau de Vie now comes. Bees are also kept to assist the balance of nature.