Cantina Ribela

We came across this two hectare estate, like many of ours, through pure luck. For a few years John has been wanting to find a Frascati from artisan producers. Seeing at a wine fair that Ribela also made Cesanese, a variety that we have been fond of for many years, we had to taste.

Chiara and Daniele come from Rome. They met on a restaurant project where Daniele was the architect and Chiara the manager of the restaurant. Their love of Lazio and the possibilities of the region gave them an immediate connection. When they decided a change in their lives needed to happen, they were greatly inspired by the work of Danilo Marcucci. A neologist who advises wineries on biodynamic practices and low intervention wine making, while keeping the character of the region and variatals. From here they started to look for land around Frascati.

This beautiful site was more than a fortuitous find. Owned original by one of the largest producers of bulk Frascati, it was considered such a special place that the head of the family kept this little ampitheatre as his private garden. When he passed away, his children could see no use for the land and so sold it. With Chiara and Daniele the lucky buyers.

Next they approached Danilo to help them realise their dream. Who on seeing the site realised that he ,just had to be a part of this venture.

330m above sea level on volacnic soil, looking out to Rome. Most of the vineyard is around 30 years old and is predominantly Malvasia candida, Trebbiano with a tiny amount of Cesanese.

All wines are produced at a friends winery in fibre glass tanks and receive no additional sulphur. They are also not filtered, nor fined and most certainly are unlike anything that the region has made itself famous for in the last 40 years.