Charlotte Allen

Femoselle, Arribes, Zamora, Spain
Charlotte Allen
Organic viticulture
35,000 bottles produced per year

The region of Arribes, hugs the Duero river as it meanders splitting Spain and Portugal. A region that since the 80’s, when the local co-op was closed, has been mostly forgotten. Originally producing in excess of a million bottles of wine just as a cop operative, with demand for the regions wines disappearing, alongside the young people who craved a move to he cities. Farmers heads were turned by the price being paid for planting rights in the vastly growing region of Ribeira del Duero. So vineyards disappeared and grapes were left to fall to the ground.
Until Charlotte arrived.
Charlotte is not native to Spain. Nor, as.some mistakingly thought is she French (This was due to her arriving in a Citroen from Burgundy). She originates in England. Starting off in the wine trade working for Richards Walford (Now part of the Berry's group) . Wine making called her to France where she worked around Burgundy post an enology degree. With the connections that were made, a friend invited her to view a little heard of region in Western Spain. This visit changed everything.
The region is staggeringly beautiful, yet not without its complications. Charlotte has been through a few of these over the two decades she has been here. Yet, due in thanks to her efforts, the region now has around 15 producers.
Many old vines still exist all with grape varieties that have a long history here, though Juan Garcia is certainly the king.