La Marca di San Michele

La Marca di San Michele

Castelli di Jesi, Le Marche

Alessandro, Beatrice & Daniela Queresma
10ha. under vine
Biodynamic viticulture

The hills of Cupromontana have a mixed history for making wine. Home of the Verdicchio grape variety, once the seabed of the Adriatic, the soil here is a complex mixture of limestone, Clay, blue marl and chalk. Yet even with all these gifts, as in many areas, mass production of low quality fruit was in danger of bringing the reputation of this region into disrepute.

In 2007 three friends decided to help stop this damaging movement. Although originally their lives were planned not in the wine world, things seemed to align and they found themselves with a small holding below the village. Immediately the vineyards were converted to Biodynamics and a life long learning experience started.

The journey so far has seen them move from sharing a small table at a wine fair, when we first met them some ten years ago, to being awarded some of the top wine awards of Italy. Their bottles can be found around the world, admired for their pure expression of this beautiful pocket of Italy.