Renata Pizzulin

We meet our producers in many different ways. With Alberto it was a simple introduction from a mutual friend in Friuli, who knew we were looking for a winery in the region for a good few years. It was the first vintage of Renata Pizzulin and the quality of the Malvasia, blew us away. Though as much as we asked, we had very little information about the wines. It wasn't until we went to visit the winery, at this stage a large outdoor tent that was covering steel tanks and a converted garage for barrels and bottle storage, that we found out why their had been so much secrecy. On meeting Alberto, he apologised for all the secrecy. It was just that fro the past 10 years he had been making wine at another winery in Friuli, we wont mention whom and Renata Pizzulin was his side project. Working only on the weekends and when they had time the holidays. Alberto and Renata had managed to take a few vineyard sites that were owned by their families and produce a wine label and set up a winery in the rear of Alberto's parents house.