Abbia Nòva

7 ha. under vine

Biodynamic/Fukuoka/Homeopathic viticulture

Based in Piglio, just over an hour east of Rome. Terroir here is mixed, between Clay, Limestone, Sand and Volcanic soils. These lands have been in the families possessions for generations and so with this knowledge they have been able to cru many of their parcels. Vines stretch from 15 to 80 years old, with plantings focused on the local varieties of the area - Cesanese for the Reds and Passerina, Bellone and Malvasia for the whites.

This is a family partnership between the cousins, with Daniele in the winery and Pierluca in the vineyards. Both individual in their views of what they manage. Daniele always experimenting in ways to show the purest expressions of these varieties and the region in the wines. this may be through using various vessels such as concrete and Amphore.

Pierluca is always trying to understand what different farming methods can bring to the vineyards, using all from Biodynamic principles Fukuoka ideas and Homeopathic traditions. Taking time to see which parts work best for the vines.