Eger, Hungary

Adam & Julia

4,000 bottles produced per year
Organic viticulture

Eger is, like many regions of Hungary, steeped in food and wine history. Although only 30, both Adam and Julia are fast becoming key participants in the resurgence of quality in the region.They met at the winery of Julia's father, the infamous Imre Kalo, where Adam was the assistant winemaker while both were studying. As a wedding present, Imre presented them with some of that vintages wine to sell, so that they may have income to start their own lives. This became the first Örökségül, a word meaning heritage in Hungarian.
A few years later both work full time, Julia for her Phd and Adam heads the Eger university wine research institute. Focusing on the protection of Heritage Hungarian varieties. The rest of the time they manage their vineyards and growing menagerie of native sheep and pigs.
In the winery, which is cut into the Volcanic rock, only a few tanks and old barrels are used and there is no press. All wine is from the free fun juice. As such, some of these wines may appear to have skin contact, this is solely due to the varieties natural pigmentation and the time it has taken for the juice to pass through the grapes beneath.


Zöld Veltelíni 2015
Zöld Veltelíni

This is the first day of free run juice, aged 2 years in oak barrel and 1 year in bottle.


Tiszta Szívvel 2015

The finest example of a traditional Turán Aszú-style sweet wine (Red local variety). Historically all regions of Hungary produced Aszu from various grape varieties. Each berry is individually picked over multiple trips through the Vineyard. To date only one vintage has had the correct growing season to produce this wine. Slow fermentation in barrel.
100 bottles produced