Eger, Hungary 
Adam & Julia Hegyi, Imre Kaló 
4,000 bottles produced per year 
Organic viticulture 

Until 1987, Imre Kaló was employed as a forester by the Soviet government, and charged with keeping the land and wildlife in balance. He has since become a legend of Hungarian winemaking. His methods are atypical, cultivating his vines to yield tiny amounts of fruit and utilising up to 100 days of skin maceration for both reds and whites. Imre is now ceding control of the winery to his daughter Julia and her husband Adam, formerly Imre’s assistant winemaker and right-hand man. Many of the wines released are labelled ‘Örökségül’ or ‘heritage’, but the young couple are now forging a winemaking identity of their own. All the wines are the contents of a single barrel.